Is your current security alarm still cutting it

Just like your car, with age, over-use and a lack of servicing, your security alarm might need replacing.

And just like the motor vehicle, technology has stepped up and made a lot of difference to security alarms, their effectiveness and ease of use.

No longer do they have to be what I call “no-friends” alarms. That is, they just sit in your property with no one really paying attention to them. They also, don’t tell you a lot either … they’re silent most of the time.

We’ve all had them … the motion sensors that blink away, the siren sits there waiting. They have no friends. They have no person interacting with them. And, when you leave your property you don’t always hear them when they have something to say (this is why alarm monitoring is important, but more on that another time).

The new type of technology rich security alarms (like those we install powered by are interactive. They tell you what’s going on. They let you know when a door is left open, when a cupboard is closed, when someone has walked into the house (even if the alarm is unset) …. and of course, they activate when there is a breach and they let you know quickly.

With these “smart” security systems you can also add video cameras, garage door openers, smoke alerts. You can also control anything that you can plug in to a power point. You can also manage all this from your smartphone, tablet or connected PC. How cool is that!

So, if you think your current alarm might be in need of an upgrade why not get in touch with us. We can send you a little more detail and we can show you a demo of system right on your smartphone.

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