Turn your old alarm in to modern day smart-home alarm.


Security systems have improved greatly over last ten years and are now capable of doing more than ever!

Some of the features of today’s systems are:

  • Management of multiple codes for arming/disarming by the user (no call out fees needed)
  • New user-friendly keypads
  • Wireless networks eliminate the need for a traditional phone line
  • Our systems (powered by Alarm.com) give you the ability to control your security system from your smartphone. You can also control other things to like lighting, cameras etc (more on that in a later post)

Most systems are designed to last a minimum of ten years and I know of some alarms that have been in place for twice that. Like any other appliance or electronic device, systems eventually need to be upgraded or replaced. It’s like the old color TV you have that kind of works, it has a greenish screen tint, the sound isn’t that great and the remote doesn’t have a favorites button. Sure, it may be serviceable for a few more years, but eventually it will fail.

Maybe you don’t have to replace. Just update.

If your alarm has been around a while, there’s a good chance everything is hard-wired. If it’s working, you might be thinking it doesn’t make sense to pull it out .. and that might be so. But, what if I told you you can keep much of your current system in place and still have all the benefits of a wireless system, managed from your smartphone. Well … you can!

We would need to check your current system, but in most cases we only have to update your control panel. You can then join the modern world and manage your security system via your smartphone.

Your old system is made young again.

With an upgrade system you’ll be able to:

  • Add sensors easily
  • Add video cameras
  • Unset and set your alarm no matter if you’re down the road or overseas
  • Know when the kids get home or when the visitors leave

…. and a whole lot more

You can reach us easily to discuss your alarm system upgrade … here are three ways.

  1. Give us a call today on 07 865 9008
  2. If you’d like us to pop around to your place to check your current system, you can make a time on our calendar right here.
  3. Send us an email
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