Smart home security professionals

One of the hottest home upgrades this year will be SMART HOME.

However, a Smart Home takes a lot of expertise to design, install and configure on your own. You’ll need to select the right devices, install and wire them, connect them to your network, and troubleshoot any issues.

That’s if you’re going it alone, that is. The good news is that you don’t have to.

Our professional installer will come to you so you can sit back and relax. No need to look at video or how-to manuals. You can leave it all to us.

Here are five common challenges that a Smart Home pro will tackle for you.

1: Finding the Right Solution

While the ‘go it alone’ Smart Home experience start with a confusing trip to a retail store, a professional service starts with a holistic look at your home and your needs. Service Providers know Smart Home solutions inside out and can quickly recommend the right setup for your home. They will walk you through choices and answer all your questions to help you create a Smart Home that’s customized for your home and individual needs.

2: Fast Installation, Done Right

Having a professional Smart Home Security provider install the connected devices that go into a typical smart home will save you days – not to mention a lot of potential trips to the hardware store.

A professional can quickly wire alarm panels, wire outdoor and internal video cameras and install door contacts. They’ll also get you set up with our easy-to-use smartphone app that controls everything and keeps you connected to your home so you get the most from your system.

3: Ensuring that Everything Communicates

Getting your equipment in place is only half of the job. For a Smart Home to work, your devices need to be configured to recognise each other and talk to each other. When you’re on your own configuration can result in the most frustration (and foul language) for a would-be Smart Home owner. We have the right technology to quickly add devices to your network and ensure that they all work together.

4: Always Having Someone On Call

When something goes wrong with a connected device you bought in the store, you can look forward to many hours of Internet research to troubleshoot the problem.

When you go ‘pro’ however, you can call your Coastline Security installer and they can get things solved quickly.  In addition to having access to experts, we are aligned with technology and tools so our service providers can quickly troubleshoot what’s happening and rapidly solve the issue.

5: True Smart Home Security

Many connected devices tout security as a feature, but not all security products are equal. All of our Smart Home solutions are built to security industry standards, and are sold and serviced by us and includes professional security monitoring. This means there is a dedicated secure connection to a 24/7 monitoring station and emergency response.  If there’s a break-in or fire alarm in your home, you get more than an alert: emergency response will be notified right away and help will be on the way. There’s no substitute.

So – ready to install your Smart Home the easy way? The first step is connecting Coastline Security. Click here and get started.