Simple things you can do before you go away

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There are a few simple things you can do before you leave your home cheap nfl jerseys for a while. This way you should be able to relax and enjoy your break.


  • Lock all doors and windows. Don’t forget the garage, garden sheds etc
  • Cancel your post, your daily newspaper and any other regular deliveries
  • Arrange to get your lawns done while you’re away (we can arrange that for you via our Concierge)
  • Lock up all your ladders and tools – leaving ladders lying around just makes unwelcome cheap nfl jerseys access to your place too easy
  • If you have an alarm, advertise it. Make sure you have stickers on your windows and / or doors advertising that you have an wholesale nba jerseys alarm and that it is monitored (hopefully)
  • Leave a radio on inside the house … quietly of course so you don’t a upset the neighbours but loud enough that someone listening at your front door is not sure if you’re home and will go away
  • Don’t close your curtains – this is a real giveaway of your absence
  • Put some lights on a timer so they come on at certain times at night
  • Tell your neighbours of your travel plans
  • Don’t have a voicemail message that tells people you’re away on holidays (it does happen)
  • Tell your alarm monitoring company about your departure and arrival dates. This way they will know when to expect you. If your alarm is monitored System? by Coastline Security, we will ring you as soon as you get home to say “welcome home”. We just want to make sure it’s you.
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Got some questions about home or business security?

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Coastline Security is here amb to help?