Security patrols for home and business

Security patrols ensure your home or business is secured as you like it to be. Insecure premises are an open invitation to those wanting your stuff so security patrols (maybe just one per night) are the perfect way to ensure your property is secure at the end of the day.

What do we often find during our security patrols?

  • Unlocked or fully open doors
  • Alarms are left unset
  • Windows wide open
  • Lights are left on
  • Heaters left on
  • Equipment sheds open
  • Vehicles unlocked

Just imagine if this was your home or business. Not every instance will lead to a burglar taking something your stuff, but at any point they certainly could … and preventing this is what our security patrols are all about.

What happens with security patrols?

Clearly, security patrols will check everything to do with the physical building. However, we are also concerned with overall security of the poroperty in general. We have found broken water pipes, tractors in middle of paddocks and all situations get address at the time, in the moment.

Once your building is “locked down” for the night, you have significnatly reduced likelihood of a someone targeting your property because of our presence together with everything being locked and secured. That ‘s not to say that more motivated criminals will not target your property and this is where subsequent security patrols and checks are very important.

… subsequent security patrols and checks are very important.

After a Coastline Security officer has completed the fitst of their security patrols, you can be 100% certain everything is secure. Our officers can also conduct further security patrols during the night (and day) as an extra deterrent.

What happens if our security officer finds something “out of place”

We will often find premises left unsecured.

If we can address this situation without bothering you, we will. For example, maybe it’s just an open door which can be locked. If we find damage, like a broken window, will contact you and let you know. We will also secure the property as best we can until the situation is properly resolved.

If emergency services are required, we will make the call and then let you know what’s happened.

One thing you can be certain of is that we will always keep you informed with real-time reporting of all incidents. You will also be able to view all reports online via your own secure portal.

Got some questions about security patrols?

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