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Security guards, security patrols and concierge services
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Wondering what other security services are available to support you?

From a one-off event to a longer-term program, you want a professional security provider you can rely on.

Premises lockdown service making sure eveything is locked and / or open when it should be

Security patrols to check on your property every day or night for enhanced security

Concierge services and patrols while you’re away, making it look like you’re home all the time.

Certificed security guards to stand watch, patrol and keep any area safe and secure.

Is everything locked up…. really?

Sometimes your staff will forget to lock a door, they might leave some windows open and maybe leave products outside. Our Lock Down service in conjunction with security patrols ensures everything that is meant to be locked is, in fact, locked. It’s that simple!

Mobile security patrols every day or night

Random or scheduled security patrols of your property while you’re on holidays or after-hours (when nobody is around). One week or 6 months or even longer. These patrols are the perfect addition to alarm monitoring.

Going away … don’t worry?

While you’re away, we collect your mail, turn lights on and off, perform random checks of your property and even feed your pets. We make it look like you’re home, everyday. Your Concierge is at your service so when you return home, it’s like you never left.

Certified security guards

Do you need more security presence. If you’ve got an event coming up, or maybe you’ve got a space that needs 24/7 checking, perhaps you’ve got a yard that needs a security presence for one night. Our fully trained and certified security guards are available to help.

Security services focused on a safer community, a safer you.

Coastline Security is here to help

We provide alarm monitoring, installation and response, security patrols and security guards all over the Coromandel Peninsula

We can tailor our security services to perfectly suit your circumstances. We also offer security alarm monitoring services with no long term contracts. Our security services are flexible and focused to ensure your security needs are met in your home, bach or business.