Why A Monitored Home Security Alarm System?

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Why Should You Have A Home Security Alarm System?

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Owning a Home Security Alarm System is the Smart Choice

Monitored home security alarm systems are a necessary evil in today’s society. Years ago one could leave their doors unlocked and their windows open in the summer. These days, any open window on the first floor of your home is begging for a robber to jump through. There are several reasons why one should have a home security alarm system in the home, and have it monitored, aside from the obvious.

Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems Provide Peace of Mind

Having your own home security alarm system monitored can provide real peace of mind. We live in a consumer driven society, and it is important that we protect our stuff. Owning a home security alarm system is one thing and having it monitored truly is something else again. A monitored home security alarm system activate your agreed response plan (call emergency services etc) when an intruder enters your home when you are in the home, on holidays are just down the street.

It does not matter if you live in suburbia, the city or a rural area, crime happens everywhere. By having a monitored home security alarm system, the knowledge in and of itself that your home is protected will grant you and your family peace of mind.

I’ve know someone who recently bought their first home, and on the very first night someone tried to break into their home. They did not own a home security alarm system at the time, and were very frightened. They were on the second floor of the house when they heard an intruder break open a window.

Had they owned a monitored home security alarm system at the time, the alarm would have gone off and the relevant response plan would have been implemented immediately. Instead, they were left helpless and frightened. If it were not for a phone in the room then things could have turned out very differently.

Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems Provide Safety

It is clear that owning a monitored home security alarm system provides safety in your home. The last place that one should have to worry about his or her own safety is in their own home. In addition to detecting intruders, most home security alarm systems can be hooked up to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and all should be monitored.

There are generally one push buttons on a home security alarm system keypad for contacting your alarm monitoring company who will then contact the police, if needed. These additional features of a monitored home security alarm system provide additional safety to one’s home.

Home Security Alarm Systems Can Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The benefits to having a monitored home security alarm system in your house can outweigh the costs. Many insurance companies will give a discount to homeowners who install a home security alarm system and have it monitored.

The savings you make on  your insurance premium can be surprising and can almost pay for the monitoring itself. You can not only save money, you will also feel a lot safer with total peace of mind.