Making Your Home Secure

Here is a quick list of things you can do that will go a long way to making your home secure, or moreso. The main objective is to keep unwanted people out of your home.

How many of these can you do?

  • Fit security stays to all accessible windows. These are also great for ventilation when you’re at home.
  • Fit locks to all accesible windows
  • Lock your letterbox with a padlock
  • Lock your garage – you might think this is a “no-brainer but we know many garages are left unlocked
  • Install external lighting and alarms where appropriate
  • Fit locks to any window that opens in your garden shed and don’t forget to padlock the door
  • Install deadbolts on your back door – often the most vulnerable part of the house
  • Secure any gates with a quality padlock, sting cable or chain
  • Fit a lock with a deadbolt to your front door and all other external doors and don’t forget the door leading from your garage into the home itself
  • Fit sliding door deadlock with an anti-lift device to ranch sliders
  • Keep all your plants trimmed so they don’t cloak intruder activity
  • Display warning signs from your local alarm monitoring company

Got some questions about home or business security?

Coastline Security is all about making your home secure!