How Alarm Monitoring Works

The process that serves you

When your alarm is activated, every second counts

And you can count on Coastline Security to act quickly, following the agreed response framework, to the letter.

Some of the alarm signals we monitor include:

Movement detection

Detects movements and intrusions in your home and triggers an alert to our alarm monitoring centres

Intruder detection

Monitors and protects your home or business against intruders every day and night of the year

Fire and smoke

Monitored fire and smoke detection that works even when your alarm system is not set – that’s peace of mind

Panic and duress

A monitored alarm allows you to send a panic signal to our monitoring centres for immediate response

Power failure

We will alert when your power fails – a real benefit if you’ve got a full fridge or freezer and you’re not there

Business Hours

Detects entry to your business out of hours. We will also alert you if your alarm is not set at night, every night.

This is our process for how alarm monitoring works … take a look.

  • Alarm activates

    Our monitoring centres receives the activation signal

  • Situation Analysed

    Our team quickly reviews the situation and commences response

  • Initial Response

    Our trained personnel will contact you to see if you need any assistance

  • Attendance

    If you need assistance, we will send a patrol guard or call the relevant emergency service.

We can also agree a response framework that works for you