Your alarm goes off, what happens next?
When your alarm goes off, our local team take action giving you total peace of mind
Worried about the security of your home or bach?
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Find total peace of mind with Coastline Security alarm monitoring

This means if you’re at home, on holidays or just down the road, you can relax knowing we are keeping watch over your valuable assets.

Home or away – your place is secure

When you’re alarm activates, our team jumps

Local presence, local focus, local knowledge

We’re on watch every day and every night

Save on your insurance, cost effective and super easy to setup

For your home or bach

Is it time for you to stop worring about your place when you can’t be there. Is the power on, is the alarm turned on are all the doors locked and will everything be in place when you get back? Home alarm monitoring takes care of all this, it’s cost-effective and your insurance company loves it too.

Feel safe and secure in your own home

Your alarm system is monitored by our professional team, 24 hours per day, and seven days a week all year round … protecting your home, bach (and even your business) so you can feel safe and secure.

Nobody wants to come home to find someone has broken into their property. If you only have an alarm at home there is a real risk that your neighbours won’t hear it, much less take any action. They will value their safety too … as the intruder goes about their business

With local home alarm monitoring services we will know if your home security has been compromised and we will take quick action, which could include rapid response of a security patrol. You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s happening while you’re away – you can leave all that to us with proactive home alarm monitoring.

We think you’re safer with local and professional home alarm monitoring

Deter would-be intruders

More than just security, having your alarm monitored by Coastline Security will provide you with total peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about your valuable assets


Our monitoring stations receive immediate notification of all alarm signals. These include intruder alerts, power failures, unexpected entry, smoke alerts and much more.

Alarm response

Together, we agree a response framework. We keep you informed of all major activity and will send a mobile patrol guard to assess or take action on significant concerns.

Your concierge

While you’re away, we can take care of mail, turn lights on and off, perform random checks of your place and even feed your pets. Your Concierge is at your service.

Holiday watch

Random security patrols of your property while you’re on holdiays. One week or 6months or even longer. These patrols are the perfect addition to alarm monitoring.


You can have online access to all information and reports about our security activity around your place, as it happens. A totally open and tramsparent system.

Key holding

Our key-holding service means we can gain access for alarm situations, allow access for tradespeople and even let the cat out (if you forgot to do it) all with a minimums of fuss.

Coastline Security is here to help

We provide home alarm monitoring, installation and response, security patrols and security guards all over the Coromandel Peninsula

We can tailor our security services to perfectly suit your circumstances. We also offer home alarm monitoring services with no long term contracts. Our security services are flexible and focused to ensure your security needs are met in your home, bach or business.