3 burglary prevention tips for you and your home

Did you know over 39,000 homes are burgled in New Zealand every year. Over three quarters of these burglaries we at home just like yours. We think that’s way too many. So we looked at the data and highlighted some insights that can help you lower the chances of your home being next on the hit list and make your neighborhood safer and safer.

1: Burglars look for unsecured entrances

One in three residential burglaries are simple “unlawful entries”, which means entering the home via an unsecured window, front door or other potential entrance. It’s easy to accidentally enable this type of burglary by forgetting to lock up when you’re in a rush.

We all forget stuff, but we can easily remind you

The good news…

Forgetting to lock up doesn’t have to mean your home is vulnerable. A wireless smart home security system from Coastline Security (powered by Alarm.com) sends an actionable alert to your smartphone if you leave an entrance unsecured. You only need to tap the reminder to arm your security system.

2: Burglars wait until you go to work.

To reduce their chances of being detected, burglars tend to work similar hours as you do. Most residential burglaries happen during daytime hours, when houses are unoccupied and unprotected.

Protect your home 24/7

The good news…

With our wireless home security systems, you can know instantly about unusual activity at home when you’re not there, and even see what’s happening.

Motion-triggered image sensors and security cameras send you smartphone alerts that show you exactly what’s going on. You won’t simply know that someone is on your porch; you’ll be able to see whether it’s a package being delivered, or something more suspicious. If you have a video doorbell, you can even talk to whoever’s there.

You won’t be the only one guarding your home, though. Our Alarm.com-powered wireless security systems are professionally monitored, 24 hours a day – by us. That’s right, we take care of our own alarm monitoring. If there’s a break-in (or fire) at your home, your system will signal for help and one of our security professionals will contact the appropriate emergency service.

3: Burglars actively assess a home’s level of protection…

…and they hate security systems. According to one study of convicted burglars, 83 percent said they checked for security systems when targeting homes, with 60 percent saying that they avoided homes with a security system altogether. If they discovered a security system during the course of a burglary, 87 percent said they would always or sometimes retreat.

Make the potential invader of your home think twice

Installing a wireless and smart home security system is an easy and highly effective way to protect your home.

Of course, our security technology does more than simply deter. Our dedicated cellular connection ensures that your system can signal for help even if your phone or broadband line is tampered with. Crash and smash protection ensures that even if your panel is disabled, help will be on the way.

With the average dollar loss caused by a burglary running at more than $2,300, wireless smart home security is well worth the investment—especially with its additional benefits including discounted homeowners insurance, energy savings, and a full array of convenient smart home technology.

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