Benefits of a Monitored Home Security System

<”h4″ id="fancy-title-2" class="mk-fancy-title simple-style color-single"> A Monitored Home Security System Gives You Peace Of Mind

It’s much, much more than knowing your alarm is going off

At Coastline Security, you can get your home security alarm monitored for around $1.00 per day – a small investment to reduce the risk to your home and family.

You may be wondering what the benefits of a monitored home security system are. Just what are the advantages as opposed to a burglar alarm or intrusion system? The name speaks for itself. It’s a monitored home security system. There will always be an extra pair of eyes and ears protecting your home. That’s a huge advantage to a standard bell or whistle. Here’s a run down of some benefits of a monitored home security system.

Endless Protection

Your home security systems is continually monitored by our monitoring stations. We have specialised computer systems that are especially designed to alert us of a possible break in. Whenever a protected door or window is opened without the appropriate security clearance, the security system will respond by issuing an alert. In very quick time we attempt to contact the homeowner. We will also, according to the our agreed response plan notify police, fire or rescue. In this case, the benefits of a monitored home security system are clear. With a regular burglar alarm you take the chance that no one will hear you. Or if they do, they want respond quickly enough. Monitored systems are your safety advocates. They protect homes around the clock, every day of the week. Also if you suspect an intruder, your key pad is also an quick and effective way to automatically alert us to a problem and we then take action.

Fire Safety

Fire protection is one of the key benefits of a monitored home security system. Home fires are their most dangerous when families are asleep and unaware of the danger. Monitoring homes via the in-home smoke detectors gives families a reason to sleep peacefully without fear of fire danger.

Medical Assistance

Occasionally medical assistance is needed and there isn’t time to get to the phone. Your monitored home security system will send help with the press of a button. This feature is great for seniors or anyone who may foresee the need for medical assistance.

The benefits of a monitored home security system are immeasurable. Knowing that you and your family will be safer with this added measure of protection will give you peace of mind.